How To Dress For Your Body Type And Dressing Ideas

We always want to be beautifully dressed, stylish and eye-catching and suit ourselves. But here is the question: do we really know our body type? In our this article we’ll answer how to dress for your body type. Proper dressing is not always about choosing trendy outfits. We should know our body type and prefer clothes according to it. Find yourself in the following body types and listen to our suggestions to be eye-catching!

How To Dress For Your Body Type And Dressing Ideas

1. Rectangular Body Type

If you have upper and lower body in the same measure and not have a distinct waist curve you have a rectangular body type . The body type is also called athletic, sporty or “newspaper type”. In order to overcome this type of balance, it is necessary to expanding dress shoulders by using wadding. Attention should be payed on the use of the belt, the waist should be thinned to provide a more aesthetic appearance.

2. Apple Body Type

If your legs are thinner than your upper body and your chest is bigger, you have an apple body type . You should shrink the dress to the bottom and make the upper part of the dress ampel. The shirts you will wear with skinny jeans will save you.

3. Pear Body Type

If your upper body is thin, curved thin waist and wide hips you have a pear body type . All the styles that will reveal your waist region are for you! You should also choose clothes that show upper body wide. If you have that body type, you should stay away from the narrow clothes for upper body and baggy clothes for lower body. This will result in a wider appearance than your body which is non-stylish look. Pencil and A-shaped skirts, dark colored and tubular trousers should be preferred.

4. Hourglass Body Type

If you have a big breasts and a hip, thin curved waist you have an hourglass body type. It is the ideal body type for women. Because other body types should be combined so as to approximate the type of hourglass. If you are in this body type and not overweight, you can get what you want.

Slightly draped clothes, low waisted trousers and soft colors will show you wonderfully.