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Learn To Play Golf For Beginners

Quick Golf Tips For Beginners
Quick Golf Tips For Beginners

Do you hesitate to play golf with your friends? don’t anymore. Because you can play with these easy tricks. So, no more wonder to look cool.

But of course there are rules as the other games.  In this cool game, Golf, we win by minimum shots with different types of sticks. And a standard golf field has 9 or 18 holes. These holes seem different in each other.

play golf
play golf


If you want to play golf, you have to obey these 2 ethic rules. One of them is respect to player. Golf player should not be disturbed.  You have to avoid any behavior that will disturb the player because of playing golf requires high concentration. The other rule is respect to the golf field.

The golf fields are one of the most beautiful natural sports fields in the world. For this reason, even the smallest damage that may occur during the game should be corrected by the players if possible. These ethical rules are necessarily for golf game.

Types of golf

play golf
play golf

Inthis field with specially prepared 9 or 18 holes, there are 2 types of play golf. One is number of strokes game.

In this game, we put the ball in to the targeted hole by minimum shots. The player who completes 18 holes with minimum strokes, wins.


Second one is to have the flag with the minimum shot made to the hole. It is called as “match play”.
The team that puts the ball into the hole with the least number of strokes, wins. After all the games, winner the most holes is considered with winner.

So, how to play golf?

Each player shoots the ball in turn. The aim of the first shooting on the golf ball is to throw the ball to the “fair-way” named area, where the grass is cut shorter, which is easier to hit, with more favorable conditions than the other parts of the golf field. This area can be 30-90 meters wide.

On the other two golf fields where bushes, trees, sandy or grounded areas are located. It is more difficult to play golf ball in these fields.

The game is over when 18 tracks are completed in an 18-hole game. The player who completes the golf game with the least number of shots to the putting green wins the game.

What is “Putting Green”?

play golf
play golf

Putting Green is the name given to the pit in the middle or on the edge of the flag, which we often see while watching golf. In the area called Putting Green, the grass must be cut perfectly. And also there are slopes in the field. The slight slopes made by the experts make it difficult for  the golf ball to put the pit. The flag is removed when this shot is made.

How to make a golf field?

If you have your own garden, you can easily make your golf field! To see it step by step, visit our this article.

  • And do not forget that not hurting anyone is the golden rule for Golf!

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I'm at 22nd year in the life. For now, studying on industrial engineering. Love to Write!

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Kenan Karaca

I’m at 22nd year in the life. For now, studying on industrial engineering. Love to Write!

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